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It felt like walking into a painting. Nature is amazing.

A sunny and warm late September day is perfect for a stroll in a local meadow. The first thing you notice is the canvas of colours that greets you on the trailer. The wildflowers were in full autumn bloom; it was breathtaking.

Science will tell you that flowers are colourful to survive by attracting insects essential to pollination. However, philosophers have their take, that flowers developed colour for the evolving human eye, which has unique abilities to see colours and the subtle shades within. Have you ever stopped to wonder why you find it enjoyable to look at a flower?

Humans are programmed to be attracted to beauty.

What I find fascinating is the appreciation for flowers is not one of higher intellect and standing in the evolutionary tree but more so as an animal member of this planet. French scientist Dr. Louis Brassard said: “human perception of flowers being beautiful is not only due to aesthetic appreciation but also because of mammalian feeling.” In short, it is not our higher brain that brings beauty; it is our essential existence as a mammal.

Next time you see a flower and feel that sense of beauty, realize you are at your most essential self.

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