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Boarded windows, over grown and forgotten.

When I happened upon this old farmhouse, I had an immediate sense of the people and the lives they lived here.

Houses are more than just shelter or a chance to show off one’s affluence. However, there is no denying the bond we have with where we live, and it is one we carry with us through life.

First, I thought of the people who built this house and the land that they worked. Then, it occurred to me that generations of people had passed through here. Perhaps they were the same family, and maybe a new family purchased it when the original owners had passed on. Then, I thought of the family gatherings, the milestones celebrated, birthdays, graduations, weddings, births and deaths.


I don’t see a forgotten building. Instead, I see a monument to memories. If you stop for a while, you can hear the children playing in the yard, the smell of dinner on the wood stove, seeing them all grouped by the fire and sharing stories.

We live in a time where these simple things are forgotten or digitized, and we’ve lost that simple act of togetherness with faces buried in our tech. So next time you see an abandoned house, stop, close your eyes. Perhaps you’ll feel the life that was once there.

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